In the following there are some of the most relevant publications in which I participated. To see the full list of works I encourage you to visit my profile page in the Google Scholar.


Journal Papers

  • Àngels Rius, Jordi Conesa, Elena García Barriocanal, Miguel-Ángel Sicilia: An ontology-driven framework for specifying, adapting and implementing educational settings. Applied Ontology 12(1): 33-58 (2017).
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  • Michalis Feidakis, Thanasis Daradoumis, Santi Caballé, Jordi Conesa, David Gañán: A Dual-Modal System that Evaluates User’s Emotions in Virtual Learning Environments and Responds Affectively. J. UCS 19(11): 1638-1660 (2013)
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  • Jordi Conesa, Antoni Olivé: A Method for Pruning Ontologies in the Development of Conceptual Schemas of Information Systems. : 64-90 (2006)

Conferences and workshops

  • Modesta Pousada, Santi Caballé, Jordi Conesa, Antoni Bertrán, Beni Gómez-Zúñiga, Eulàlia Hernández, Manuel Armayones, Joaquim Moré: Towards a Web-Based Teaching Tool to Measure and Represent the Emotional Climate of Virtual Classrooms. EIDWT 2017: 314-327
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  • Isabel Guitart, Joaquim Moré, Jordi Duran, Jordi Conesa, David Bañeres, David Gañán:
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Book chapters

  • Guitart, I., & Conesa, J. (2016). Creating university analytical information systems: a grand challenge for information systems research. Formative Assessment Learning Data Analytics and Gamification, 167-186.
  • Conesa, J., Olive, A., & Caballé, S. (2011). Refactoring and its Application to Ontologies. In Semantic Web Personalization and Context Awareness: Management of Personal Identities and Social Networking (pp. 107-136). IGI Global.